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PPA Cover Ltd can provide a school’s weekly Art and Design provision. As recommended by the DfE, Key Stage 1 children should be receiving a minimum of 50 minutes and Key Stage 2 55 minutes of Art and Design per week across a 38 week academic programme.


PPA Cover Ltd have structured and progressive long and medium term planning developed for Year Reception through to Year 6 and lesson plans in place for every art lesson that will be delivered within a school. Please see an example of our long term overview please click here


PPA Cover Ltd teachers take children through these progressive lesson plans and help them to explore and develop ideas, investigate and make artwork and evaluate and develop their own work. Our teachers are creative individuals and can be flexible to fit in with topic or theme based lessons dependent on the school’s curriculum map.


Art lessons delivered by a specialist are vital for primary schools to ensure that gifted and talented children are extended and develop existing skills whilst those who are less able, have SEN or EAL are helped to access many different aspects of learning. Through these explorative lessons, children who struggle to concentrate are provided with a more practical and imaginative way of keeping engaged and expressing themselves.



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